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Biocides for Diesel & Bio Diesel
Winter protection against the bacteria that grow in the tank The micro-organisms, bacteria and yeast grow in the water caused by condensation for example. By spring a large quantity of bacteria, fungi and yeasts could have grown which can block filters and stop the engine miles from the coast.
• Kills bacteria, bugs, yeasts and improves filtration
• Strong base ingredients ( 3.3-Methylenebis [5-Methyloxazolidine)
• It eliminates the fomation of micro-organisms
• Shock or prevention dose Protection against blocked filters
• It's formula conforms to the new European laws regarding biocides
Why use a biocide?
Other treatment - enzymes, do not kill bacteria. Enzymes are trying to remove their habitat by mixing water with diesel until the bacteria do not have an environment to live in. The problem with this is any new ingress of water takes you back to square one. On the other hand, biocides, continue with the work of killing the bacteria. — Biocidal products provide an immediate effect in the treatment of micro-organisms.

Biocides for modern diesel fuels. Diesel bug treatment.

A biocide blend formulated especially for preventing or eradicating the fuel spoilage organisms known collectively as diesel bug. A 100ml bottle is sufficient to prevent diesel bug growth in 2000 litres of fuel. For serious contamination addition rates of 100ml to 100 litres may be required.
Very rarely over 15 years of selling the product have we had to clean out a tank but for severe contamination several doses may be required to break up and remove the biological sludge that forms.

Our diesel bug treatment disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures.

Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment is the fuel treatment of choice for the RNLI, The Royal Marines, Sea Start and River Canal Rescue as well as being number 1 in the Practical Boat Owner magazine review.
We supply the treatment in 100ml - 500ml - 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr sizes


Biocides for modern diesel fuels. Diesel Fuel Complete.

For complete protection with biodiesels, ulsd and any diesel type. Prevents the growth of diesel bug. Combats all of the effects of using biodiesel and ultra low sulphur diesel.

Gives lubricity, cleaner easier starting, reduces emissions, improves fuel consumption and reduces fuel line and injector deposits to zero. Suitable for all diesel engine types and all diesel fuels.

Diesel Fuel Complete 1 Litre treats 1000 litres of fuel.

We supply the treatment in 500ml & 1 Ltr sizes


Diesel Fuel Stabiliser

For Preserving stored diesel fuel (Treats 1000 litres) Prevents degradation, prevents corrosion; reduces build ups of gums and varnishes; prevents ‘Diesel Bug’; allows easy starting after storage and cleans burn of old fuel.

We supply the treatment in 500ml  size


Diesel Bug Test Kit

The Marine 16 diesel bug test-kit can be used to check for microbial contamination of diesel fuels in boats, storage tanks, home heating fuels etc.

One test per kit


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MLS Fuel Purifiers

The MLS Fuel Purifier provides major benefits for all types of diesel engines while protecting the environment from harmful emissions. Avoid fuel/water related breakdowns and receive cleaner engine combustion. Remove solid/semi solid contaminants such as dirt, rust and sludge which significantly extends the life of the standard engine fuel filter. Maintain exhaust emission standards. Save on paper consumables as the Fuel Purifier is filter less. Extend engine rebuild period and life with fewer unscheduled repairs and call outs.

Suitable for any diesel equipment and fitted to heavy plant, generators, marine environment, agricultural, domestic and industrial buildings.
For engines up to 4000hp.