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Yachts operating under the ISM Code are required to have a planned maintenance system in place, but this is good practice for any yacht. Planned Maintenance is a vital part of any well run yacht. Preventive maintenance carried out to a fixed plan, planning ahead, and regularly keeping to a robust maintenance program using Oil Analysis, with regular servicing of equipment, ensures better performance, and eliminates unscheduled downtime and minimises repair costs. Allow Ship Shop to look after all your planned maintenance and oil analysis requirements by letting us know what parts and equipment you need on a regular basis, to ensure that your planned maintenance program runs smoothly.

Ship Shop provides an efficient and cost effective Oil Analysis Service to all yachts. Oil analysis is one of the best tools available to penetrate the working heart of the engine, or equipment, to reveal vital information about its condition and performance. Proper sampling procedures build the foundation of an effective oil analysis program.

Oil analysis not only tells you about any transient properties like wear debris and contamination, it also gives you, by contrast, homogenous properties, such as Total Acid Number and viscosity. Generally, transient properties pertain to the machinery or equipment health and contamination, whilst homogenous properties pertain mostly to the oil and additive health.