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Environmentally friendly Drizit oil absorbent pads
Oil absorbent pads are 100% meltblown polypropylene and are hydrophobic meaning they absorb oil only and not water making them excellent for use when both oil and water are present.
These pads float on water soaking up the oil from its surface making clean up quick and easy.

Our absorbent pads are:
100% Polypropylene.
Absorb hydrocarbons not water.
Light blue material turns dark when saturated.
Excellent absorbent capacity.
High strength even when fully saturated.

Drizit Spill Kit 50 & 70
The drizit spill kit 70 is a totally portable and versatile spill kit for use anywhere, inside or outside the workplace, for containing and cleaning up all types of spill.

Hang on wall with extinguishers for complete emergency station and initial first response or place outside in high risk areas such as storage and transfer.
•Every drum storage unit should have one.
•Essential for any environment management system.
Container: Robust UV stabilised water proof PVC bag with waterproof double zip. (Refill kits are not supplied in these containers)
•This spill kit comes in three variation to deal with chemical spills, oil spills and general maintenance spills.

Spill kit contents
•25 pads (40 x 52cm)  50 pads with the 70 kit
•4 socks (125 x 7.5cm)
•1 cushion (55 x 25 x 10cm)  2 cushions with 70 Kit
•1 pair gloves and goggles
•Disposal bag and tie
•Dammit slab
Refill kits are available for this product.